AQA Biology Revision

Why Make this site?

Why not? I can alsmot pretend it is revision :)

 But anyway, I noticed that alot of people have been asking very nicely Sarah786 on The Student Room for that magic booklet on the final question so thought it would be good if it was in a more accesible place. But i haven't yet been able to get hold of it and as soon as i do have it i will stick it on here. Asked around for advice from a range of areas and then stuck it on here. Hope you like it!

NOW HAVE THE BOOKLET ON THE HOMEPAGE: but it is a biggy so may take awhile to download

This site is mainly designed for revision of the final question...butI have also added some questions about chemistry OCR B salters organic reactions, cause im cool.


Im not sure it would work but you could try pasting whatever you have written about the essay revision or any practice essays on the guestbook for other people to read through and help. 

And believe me when i say i have no way of changing/affecting the adverts at the top of the screen.